If you care deeply about feminism, black lives matter or any other equality justice movement then you should care just as deeply about climate change

The fact that the world will warm by 1.5 degrees is almost meaningless to most people – why would I give a shit about that? For non scientists that means zero, zilch, nada, or maybe just nicer summers. We should be preaching instead about how climate change is as much as an environmental turning point as it is a social turning point – that does mean something, to everyone.


This page is if you are not engaged in the climate discussion, but are keen to explore why it is important to you.

Maybe you already care deeply about climate change, but want to find out how you can effectively make a difference, in which case this page is best for you.

Or maybe you care about climate change, but doubt the facts or whether it is even worth acting on, in which case click here.

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