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The Climate Discussion

Is a unique website, designed to promote talk about the world we live in, from an inclusive standpoint. The primary aim to to make people more emotionally connected to the issue, rather than force change upon them.

To do this I tailor my articles to individual viewpoints. Everyone has their own standpoint on the Climate, whether you are sceptical, concerned or alarmed and so everyone needs their own articles. At the same time, I allow the community to talk, debate and join in by voting in polls, posting comments and even writing articles for me.

About me

The philosophy

There are many reasons why people don’t feel emotionally attached to the climate changing; It is a future problem, there’s nothing we can do about it, it won’t impact me, I don’t care as much about animals as I do about humans, there are more important issues right now, there isn’t enough evidence.

All of which are completely natural ways of thinking.

However, climate communication in the media at the moment doesn’t recognise this. If someone doesn’t value wildlife over human life, consistently shoving photos of thin polar bears in their face isn’t going to make them feel anything. Instead, why not explain how climate change contributes to migration, conflict and inequality in our cities, something they are much more likely to care about.

Similarly, nobody feels any emotions when they’re told the world is warming by 1.5 degrees, so why keep repeating that?

Climate change isn’t just (it’s not even mostly) about rising temperatures. It affects the most basic human rights – the right to food, water, shelter, equality. In fact just about any part of your life you can think of – the energy you use to heat the home, the design of cities, buildings, pavements, roads, the type of food we eat, the animals we see, the weather we live in, the way we speak to each other, the jobs we have. These of course only just scratches the surface.

That is a core concept in most of my articles articles. Climate change is feminism, it is action for refugees, it is fighting for racial equality, it is fighting for animal rights. No matter which matters most to you. The fact is that if you have moralities as a human, you should be acting on climate change, otherwise you are contradicting yourself.

At the climate discussion, we take each viewpoint on board, so everyone will leave feeling more emotionally attached to our world.

The hope is that those who don’t believe in climate change will leave feeling more confident that the facts are real. Those who don’t engage in the topic, will feel more emotionally attached and realise it is a problem which is worth fighting for. Finally, those who already think climate change is worth fighting for will have the attachment and desire to go out and actually do something to make a difference.

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Let’s make something together.

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